It starts here....

Let Multi-Sport Video Productions make you an MVP!

It starts here....

Let Multi-Sport Video Productions make you an MVP!


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Class of 2021

How to Order

Choose a Package


Begin the process by selecting a video package, using our secure online store platform to place the order.  The two options are the “You Pick” and the “We Pick“. 

Pick your plays/clips



Gather personal video footage, selecting the plays you want to be included in your highlight film.  Be sure to mention the starting and ending times of each selected play. 


Start @ 1:56 (min:sec)

End @ 3:12 (min:sec)

Or pick the package where we pick your plays.

For the "You Pick" Package

Send us your plays/clips



Once the individual plays have been selected, we will send you a link to upload your videos to the following:

-Send through Dropbox

-Send through OneDrive

-Upload using Google Drive

We are open to any method of delivery to ensure our customer convenience. 

Once you are ready, we will send you the link options to upload your videos.

what we will do

Video in process!


  Upon receiving plays and footage, we initiate the complex process of producing a highlight film based on what we feel should be highlighted. By using MVP, you eliminate the stress and demanding time constraints of developing a highlight film, wondering how long it should be, which plays should be used, or the order they should be in. Before any video is finalized, we send a final draft to each customer, allowing them to review and critique the film. We ask each customer to review the final draft within 48 hours of receiving the video.  

Video is produced!


After the customer reviews and approves the final draft, the video is finalized and the process is complete. We will then proceed to upload the completed highlight film to YouTube and/or directly email you the highlight video within 5 days.  

Contact Us

Multi-Sport Video Productions

Cell - (551) 427-4649 (text me)


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